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GPS & GSM Vehicle tracker is a tracking device with built-in GPS & GSM modules with compact size. It can transmit longitude & latitude coordinate to your cell phone by the short message service, then you can find its location on the Google maps or any other map software. What is  more, you can get your car under control through cell phone short message.

This technology is a cost effective means of keeping your business on track and it works using GPS satellite communication with the receiver unit fitted in your vehicle. GPS tracking systems work by receiving exact microwave signals from satellites, which can determine a vehicle's precise location, speed and direction.

Once a GPS tracking system has registered your vehicle via satellite, its receiver unit can track the vehicle's position as often as every minute. The co-ordinates picked up by the satellite are then translated into a longitude & latitude reading of the vehicle's whereabouts and are then displayed in the form of a map on a computer screen via the Internet.

The exacting nature of the mapping technology means you can assess the location as well as its speed, location and direction. Ultimately the collating all of this information gives you greater opportunity to monitor any vehicle's progress alongside the rest of your fleet. Once you can oversee how your vehicles are being driven and how long they are on the road, you will have peace of mind that the efficient service your business advertises is the service being provided .

Having access to such a vast scope of status reports on all vehicles gives you real time access to your fleet's movements so you can manage your assets remotely and even work out faster routes if there is a problem or traffic congestion on the road. Using this kind of tracking system cuts the cost of communication with your drivers and means you can solve any problem as it occurs without making expensive phone call to mobiles.